There are different types of tags in HTML language. Each Tag is used to define different Elements.

There are two types of HTML tags:

1. Paired Tags

Paired tags are those HTML tags. Those which are written in Pair ie Pair. A Paired Tag has two parts.

The first is the Opening Part. Which is written like this.

The second part is the Closing Part. This part is written after the content. This part is thus defined.

Most of the tags in HTML are Paired, Tag. …

Application Programming Interface), is used for communication between two software applications or between two websites. Or we can also say, a function within computer software that provides the developer the functionality to use the service of any application.

To understand the API, we resort to an example, in which we will talk about the online ticket booking system, in which you must have seen that whenever you book an online train or flight ticket, they are all from the same software, Such as Paytm, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, etc. In this, you do not have to visit their official website to book…

HTML Document is defined by HTML tags only. An HTML file is created with HTML tags only.

HTML Tag is a simple word or letter. Which is surrounded by Angular Brackets (<> ). Thus a simple word/letter and Angular Brackets create an HTML Tag. Some examples are given below. You will understand HTML Tag easily by reading them.

Example 1

The form is a simple word. Form Tag is used to creating a form in an HTML Document. To create a Form Tag in HTML Language, writing the form word between Less Than and Greater Than creates HTML Form Tag. …

Many such tags and attributes have been made available in HTML5, through which you can easily add Graphics, Audio, Video, etc.

HTML5 is the latest version which will make it easier for you to write code.

Many more such features have been made available in it, which are quite easy for the user and less code has to be written to design the web page.

New features:

  • Browser Support
  • The plugin is very less required.
  • offline Application Cache
  • web Storage
  • Error Handling
  • New Application programming interface(API)
  • New Structure
  • Geolocation: HTML4, it is very difficult to find out the visitors' geolocation, but since HTML5 has been launched, this task has become very easy.

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HTML4 does not support graphics while HTML5 supports graphics.

HTML5 is more powerful than HTML4.

HTML4 is the old version of HTML and HTML5 is the latest version.

HTML4 uses common structures such as footer, header. Whereas HTML5 uses new structures such as drag and drop etc.

Audio and video tags are not embedded directly in HTML4, it requires a flash player while audio and video tags are embedded directly in HTML5.

If an inaccurate syntax appears in HTML4, it shows an error and is unable to handle whereas in HTML5 the inaccurate syntax is also handled.

Traditional API can…

Many Versions of HTML have arrived. These versions range from HTML 1.0 to HTML5.0.

HTML 1.0:

This was the first version of HTML so it had very few features.

At that time the website was created using simple text to surf in HTML.

Apart from that nothing else was done at that time.

HTML 2.0:

As the name suggests, this was the second version of HTML.

Some new tags were added to this version.


This was the version in which the entire structure of the website was about to change.


This version came in the year 2000.

this was full form EXtensible HyperText Markup…

First of all, we will know what is web development? In simple language, we can say that the way any website works is set by web development. A web developer is also called a back-end developer. How smoothly a website is running and how easy photos are opening inside it, all of this is done by a web developer with web development technology.

On the other hand, if we talk about web designing, how beautiful a website looks is decided by web designing. The web designer is also called front-end development.

These people try to make the website more and…

Web pages are very different from, say, a Word document. In a word processor document all aspects of the page are incorporated into the one file … the graphics, font styles and sizes and other formatting.

A web page is basically plain (ASCII) text with ‘tags’ (as ASCII text) incorporated. The graphics are all separate files. Your web browser reads the ASCII text with the tags and graphic files and displays the complete formatted page.

Because web pages are only ASCII text they can be prepared in any text editor. However, there are advantages to preparing a web page using a special web page or HTML editor, as will become obvious as we progress through the course.

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HTML5 enables the creation of more interactive websites by embedding audio, video, and graphics on the web page.

The purpose of HTML5 is primarily to make it easier for web developers.

Although HTML5 is a web language, it is not only useful as a language used to create websites but now it is being used in every latest device and every new device and operating system is made HTML5 supported. Goes, so that very easily, such applications can be developed, which can communicate between different devices and can sharpen each other’s data.

Even now some such automobiles (Car, Bikes, etc…)…

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During this epidemic, the medical staff has dumped everything. Nurses are playing a very important role in these. Nurses serve patients as a mother, a sister.

Why is International Nurses Day 2021 celebrated every year on 12 May? The day is celebrated every year as the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale is called the world’s first nurse. He took care of the wounded British soldiers carrying lanterns during the Crimean War. Because of this, she was also called Lady with the Lamp. The…

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